Tips for your 2019 Tel Aviv Eurovision trip

לורם איפסום דולור


 Eurovision Israeli history

The world’s greatest song contest, "The Eurovision”, is coming to Tel Aviv in 2019. It is an international song competition between 50 countries of the European Broadcasting Union. Each country submits an original song and then votes for the winning song. The winning country hosts the competition the following year.

This is not the first time Israel won and brought the contest home. In 1978, Yizhar Cohen won with the song "Abanibi obo ebe” and the following year the Eurovision was held in Jerusalem. That year Gali Atari won once again with the song "Haleluya”. After this glorious back to back victory, Israel decided to forgo her right to host the Eurovision once more the following year. It would be 20 years before Israel would get an opportunity to host the Eurovision again in 1999 after winning with the song "Diva” by Dana international.
This year the Eurovision is coming to the city of Tel Aviv for the very first time, thanks to the hit song "Toy” sung by Neta Brazilai. In previous years, Jerusalem hosted the contest, but this year it was decided to bring the Eurovision to the city that never sleeps –Tel Aviv!

Tel Aviv
One of the most popular cities for tourism in Israel. Known for its beautiful beaches, world-renowned cuisines, exciting nightlife and rich history. It was actually in Tel Aviv that Israel was first declared a state. Tel Aviv is the business and arts capital of Israel, a metropolitan city with a very special character. Every year around 2.5 million tourists visit Tel Aviv. Hundreds of thousands of people from Israel and around the world are expected to visit Tel Aviv in May for the 2019 Eurovision, which is set for May 18.


Tickets will start selling in November or December of 2018. The arena has 9000 seats but 30% of those seats are reserved for European delegations. Other seats will be blocked by the stage and cameras and only 4000 tickets will be available for purchase by the public.

Tickets price range from 35-150 Euros depending on the seating. Tickets will sell for 9 official events (public rehearsals, semifinals and the final).

Beware of fraud and unofficial internet ticket sources. Check the customer service before you purchase the ticket and search for online seller and buyer reviews. Don’t fall for "Last tickets” gimmicks, designed to pressure you into purchasing quickly. Don’t buy if the price is too cheap (too good to be true) or too high (illegal black market sale).

Flights to Tel Aviv

It’s a known fact that flight prices go up with demand. High season tickets are expensive; add to the already high season the Eurovision and you can expect to have a hard time finding cheap tickets. The best option is to buy early and if you think you might need to cancel, buy cancellation insurance. There are some low cost airline companies such as Ryanair, Wizz Air, Easy Jet etc, which are worth looking into although they usually charge for bags and other "extras” separately. If you are willing to pack it all in a carryon, you could save this extra cash for your accommodation.
Accommodation in Tel Aviv

The Eurovision will take place in the "Tel Aviv Convention Center - Pavilion 2” located on Rokach Blvd. in northern Tel Aviv. Booking a hotel in the center will land you close to the beach and the city interest points. A hotel near the Pavilion will leave you far away from everything else in Tel Aviv. A taxi ride from the city center to the Pavilion range from 43-55 nis, a bus ride takes approx. 35-40 min and a bike ride takes just half an hour. Public transportation is usually off on the weekends in Israel, but Tel Aviv Yafo municipality agreed to have special buses and shuttles running during the Eurovision.

Other events will attract tourist to Tel Aviv in May. The Biomed Exhibition is an annual event that is scheduled in 2019 for May 14-16, turning May into a super high season month in 2019. This means high rates and shortage of rooms. The best strategy is to book your hotel room early with option to cancel. If you are certain that you will not need to cancel your reservation, you can book the lowest rates, which are usually available only with the non-refundable policy.

Get ready to have some fun

Madonna is expected to perform as well as top Israeli artists. The Israeli people know how to party and Tel Aviv is the perfect backdrop for this grand event that is sure to be remembered for years to come. Don’t miss out the opportunity to be here for the 2019 Eurovision.


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