Jacob the patriarch

Featured in the conference hall "Gate of Heaven” is this series of paintings inspired by the life of Jacob.
At the center art piece the artist captures a pivotal moment in Jacob’s life, the famous dream of Jacob's ladder. On each side of the center art piece hang three paintings depicting different events in the life of Jacob before and after he had this dream. To the right, events that took place in his father’s home and to the right events from his own household.
Jacob's life images appear left to right:
Jacob and Esau
Esau sells his birthright
Isaac blessed Jacob
Jacob's Dream
Jacob struggle with the angel of the Lord
Jacob cries for the gift Joseph
Jacob blesses the 12 Tribes
According to the biblical account, on his way to Haran, as Jacob rested from his journey, he dreamed of a ladder connecting earth to heaven with angels going up and down on it. In the dream, God reveals himself to Jacob and promises to give him the land on which he lies and to protect him on his journey. Jacob wakes up moved by this dream and calls the place "Bethel" and some commentators believe this place is the Temple Mount today. This is the place where Jacob met the God whose blessing he pursued all his life.
Quality canvas prints of Baruch Maayan's paintings can be purchased at the hotel or by contacting the artist.