Joseph the dreamer

This painting series about Joseph the dreamer is featured in the conference hall "Gate of Heaven” on the lower level.

The artist captures a peak moment in Joseph's the life, when his dreams come true. Joseph’s dreams appear at the top part of the side paintings and at the bottom part are the Egyptian prisoner’s dreams, which Joseph interpreted for them when he was in prison.

People often find it difficult to figure out which Biblical character is portrayed in this art piece, and this is not surprising since even Joseph's brothers did not recognize him because he appeared to be a gentile ruler, a foreigner.
When they bow down to him they are actually fulfilling the dreams which Joseph dreamed in his youth which he shared with his brother only they rejected him and hated him because of them.
All of this according to the story is actually God’s plan for the salvation of the children of Israel from the great famine that would follow. This is not the first time in the Bible that Israel rejected a great redeemer, initially even Moses was rejected and only later became one of the greatest redeemers in the history of Israel.

In the paintings hanging to the left and right of the main picture, the artist depicts two pairs of dreams from the story of Joseph.

The right picture portrays two dreams. At the top - Joseph's first dream on the earth as the brother’s sheaves bow down to Joseph’s sheave, while at the bottom of the painting are the prisoner’s dream - Pharaoh's bread baker, and Joseph interpreted its sentence is death.

The left picture also portrays two dreams. At the top-Joseph's second dream in the heavens as the sun, moon, and eleven stars bow down to Joseph, while at the bottom of the painting are the prisoner’s dream –Pharaoh’s wine cup bearer, and Joseph interpreted its sentence is life.

The artist made a beautiful connection between the bread and the sheaves, the earth and death on one hand and the worship in the heaven, the wine and life on the other, and perhaps even hinted to the meaning of the wine and bread, which are at the center of every holy and Sabbath day table in Jewish tradition.
Quality canvas prints of Baruch Maayan's paintings can be purchased at the hotel or by contacting the artist.