Boaz and Ruth

Featured in the dining hall "Bethlehem” is this pair of paintings inspired by the love story of Boaz and Ruth, which takes place in Bethlehem during the time of the judges.

The art piece to the right depicts Ruth the Moabite and the art piece to the left depicts Boaz the Jew. Under the God of Israel, the Jew and gentile turned to lovers and became one flesh. The artist symbolizes this in the olive tree that unites when the two pieces are put together.

This is a story of an unexpected love and a second chance in life, even in the life of a Moabite foreigner who finds refuge in the God of Israel, and clings to Naomi the Jew, with uncompromising determination as she declares emphatically, "Your people will be my people and your God my God." Their descendant is King David and the redeemer of Israel.
Quality canvas prints of Baruch Maayan's paintings can be purchased at the hotel or by contacting the artist.