Elijah and Elisha – Mosaic

The roof top dining hall "Shiloh” features Baruch Maayan’s colorful mosaic inspired by the biblical account of the prophet Elijah ascending to heaven on chariots of fire, as the prophet Elisha looks on and receives his mantle (II Kings, chapter 2). 

According to the biblical story, Elijah who knows he is about to be taken to heave, tries to depart from Elisha but Elisha refuses to leave him. Repeatedly Elijah wants to leave and repeatedly Elisha responds:  "As surely as the Lord lives and as you live, I will not leave you.” Finally, Elijah asks him what he would like to receive from him before he leaves, Elisha responds: "Let me inherit a double portion of your spirit,”

Elisha expression as he intently looks on to Elijah in anticipation to receive his mantle and a double portion of Elijah's spirit is contrasted by the pastoral background of the quiet water of the Jordan River. However on Elijah’s face is a peaceful and calm expression as he lifts up his hands to heaven and to his God.
Quality canvas prints of Baruch Maayan's paintings can be purchased at the hotel or by contacting the artist.