Family History

Elisheva, of the hotel owners, is of The Conrad Schick’s family, who in the end of the 19th century lived and worked in Jerusalem and has left a deep impression - until today.

Conrad Schick
Born in Bitz, Germany in 1822. His family was poor and Schick was very weak when born. The family’s physician told the mother not to waste too much food on him since he would probably not make it anyway. In spite of this dark prognosis, he grew up and studied in Korntal, married and in the age of 24 moved to Jerusalem.

Jerusalem's city architect
Schick became well-known as Jerusalem's city architect in the 1900-century, an expert of a great number of archaeological projects and an author of hundreds of articles about Palestine as it was still called in is time.

Conrad Schick's Models
He is also remembered as builder of a great number of meticulous models, mainly about the Holy Sepulcher and the Temple Mount or the Haram Al Sharif in Jerusalem. His most important, detailed, and yet almost forgotten model is the replica he build of the Temple Mount.
In 1872, Schick became one of the only Westerners ever allowed to investigate the subterranean spaces under the Islamic shrines on the sacred esplanade, and recreated in miniature what he saw above and below ground level. No significant archaeological excavation has ever been carried out at the Mount, known to Muslims as the Noble Sanctuary, because of the religious sensitivities associated with the site. The areas Schick visited are off-limits to visitors today. That makes his model more than a curiosity. The model can be seen in the Museum of Christ Church in Jerusalem. More about how Conrad Schick's work returned home in this link. Read about the Temple Model in the German language as well.

Beit Tavor
The house he built as his own residence is "Beit Tavor – House Tabor”, at HaNeviim 58 in Jerusalem, the Street of the Prophets - it is said of many that this is one of the most beautiful buildings in all Jerusalem.